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Procedural generation of random opponents and floor textures (C. Lutz)

In his work, C. Lutz shows how to generate random opponents and floor textures with algorithms. This way, Millions of non-player-characters can be created randomly without ever creating two looking alike.

An app for blind people to enable them to compose music! (M. Stolze)

This app is made for blind people, especially children and adolescents. By moving the phone and touching the screen, users can compose music. They can create tracks and fill the tracks with prerecorded notes from different instruments, e.g. guitars, drums etc. Songs can be saved, edited and played. Songs can also be uploaded to or downloaded from a server, so children can share their songs with their friends. The app allows blind children to be creative musicians!

A Virtual Companion for Elderly People (F. Chen)

VICKY is our Virtual Companion for the Kool Young-at-hearts, a virtual character keeping lonely elderly people company, talking to them, going through annotated foto albums, reading news and online books aloud, keeping track of medical conditions, and suggesting things to do today depending on the weather.

A navigational system for visually impaired and blind people (F. Peretti)

Blind persons wear a special glove that distributes vibration motors on the hand surface. A 3D sensor records the current depth map (here a ZED depth sensor) and steers the intensity of the motors. Thus depth information is transformed to haptic information.

The PRECIOUS Health Store. (D. Gueler)

Obtain health coins by living a healthy life through the PRECIOUS health and fitness app ecosystem. Then spend health coins in the PRECIOUS health store to get reduced prices on healthy items. Available for iOS and Android.

Conquer the City! (C. Helf)

A fitness app that tracks user movements in a city map. If users run or go around a block, they essentially conquer the buildings. This way, users can conquer their own empire by running or walking, have battles with neighbors etc. Here, fitness is turned into an action game. One of the PRECIOUS fitness apps.

Run Buddy! A social app to find friends in your vicinity to run together! (Z. Li)

Using this app you can find people near you that would like to go jogging, but prefer to to run together with others rather than running alone. With Run Buddy you can find people like you living near you, and make appointements to run together in our neighbourhood. Runs on a standard iOS. One of the PRECIOUS fitness apps.

Measuring the heart rate by using only a web cam! (C. Helf)

By just using a standard web cam or the camera of an iPhone, we can measure the heart rate of people!

Runs on a standard iOS tablet.

Anzan: A concentration game for our project INTERACCT (O. Ghessas)

The Entertainment Computing Performance Capture System (H. Wagner)

Captures body movement, hand and finger gestures, and facial expressions simultaneously! Uses MS Kinect, 5DT data gloves, and CSIRO.

A shooter game for 4 persons (4 vs. 4) showing the faces of the players as live video streams on the respective avatars! (L. Merjan)

Increases social presence and game experience! And a lot of fun too!

The fully redundant EC octo-quad-copter! (D. Mirk)

Fully compliant to all national regulations! Can be licensed AS IS. Ready to be flown over public crowds!

INTERACCT! Communication, aftercare and fun for ill children at home! (R. Woelfle, D. Martinek, K. Peters)

Promoting physiotherapy for ill children at home (K. Peters)

PALAIS, a sandbox and development platform for game AI algorithms! (P. Schwab)

"Unity" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Using visual cues for determining the position and orientation of a 3D visor (P. Pazour)

P. Pazour shows how to use Vuforia to detect QR-codes with a mobile phone, and use this to detect the position and orientation of the mobile phone. The phone is used as a 3D visor within Google cardboard. This way, not only the orientation, but also the position of the visor can be detected. Processing is solely done on the mobile phone!

The Entertainment Computing drone! (D. Mirk)

Fully autonomous drone, can send video footage live via UMTS!

Streaming a game from a server to a Web client by Web Sockets (C. Helf)

Steering a game solely by thought (D. Kuepper)

In this demo, D. Kuepper demonstrates how to use a consumer grade EEG to steer a game. The player can make a bird fly just by concentrating. The game might be used to train children with ADHS.

A fully virtual communication system using the Oculus Rift (B. Polzer)

Imagine a fully virtual video conference system, with participants wearing a 3D Visor covering the upper part of the face. Participants are represented by their virtual self, mouth is steered by real time capturing, the upper part is synthesized to fake realistic expressions.

Jump'n'Study (M. Ehlmair)

A game describing the bachelor of computer science curriculum, offered from the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Vienna.

Our Game Internet Hero (funded by NetIdee)

Project Webpage

A Tool for tracking and reconstructing faces (C. Helf)

A tool that tracks faces, and uses this information as starting values for an iterative solution to align point clouds in 3D, which are gained from the kinect sensor.

A Cloud Gaming Testbed. (A. Franiak)

The testbed can stream any PC game using one of the major game engines, like Unreal 3D etc. Videos can be encoded using different bitrates, frame rates, and resolutions. Subjects can choose acceptable parameter combinations within a certain bit budget.

Virtual tourism using Drones (D. Mirk)

Results from the bachelor thesis of David Mirk. A tourist can watch the video output of a drone flying along waypoints. The drone can be rotated along the vertical axis to show the tourist the area. Rotation is controlled by the Oculus Rift.

Social interaction in a virtual Viennese coffee house (L. Beutl)

For testing virtual stimulus in social stress situations.

A virtual park, being loaded with different emotions (L. Beutl)

We can start the park with different emotional loadings, like happy, sad, angry, fear, etc.

An in-virtuo job training. (L. Beutl)

An OGRE 3D based face toolbox (L. Beutl)

A tool for creating and deforming faces (L. Beutl)

Putting it all together - create heads from photos (L. Beutl)

Front photo.

Side photo.

Training for fighting social phobia

Experiments for validating the effect of in-virtuo treatment.

Carried out at Dept. of Clinical Psychology

A scene for training to talk in front of a large audience (L. Beutl et al.)

A scene for treatment of people who are afraid of heights (L. Beutl)

A scene for treatment of people who are afraid of crossing a large area (C. Czepa)

Live walking simulation using a physics engine (C. Czepa)

A car racer with sliding and intelligent competitors (L. Beutl, P. Beutl)

Cloud Gaming

The game is rendered on a server, and streamed as video to the client. Input from the client is sent back to the server.

A cat simulator running in the cloud. (M. Cizek)

An Ogre running in the cloud, with ANDROID client (C. Berdenich)

Jet Ski game running in the cloud (C. Helf)

A Frogger-like game in the cloud (A. Franiak)

An ogre running in the cloud (T. Zronek)

Using mobile phones as gaming UI device (W. Robitza, C. Czepa)

By hacking XInput we can steer any game using a normal Android phone!


Bomb this guy to the exit! (P. Beutl, L. Beutl)

Cat Simulator (M. Cizek)


You can ONLY steer LEFT! (From Game Design, Lev Ledit)

Pen and Paper (D. Martinek)

A 3D-Pong on PDAs with WLAN cards (A. Janecek, 2005)

Dr. Pitrey's low cost eye tracker (10 EUR, 2 hours work (including making it run), more to come...)

Old web cam mounted on a frame.

Setup on the head.

Automatic foreground-detection for low-bitrate videos (M. Nezveda)

Move the bitrate to the important video areas.

Measuring skin-conductance in the mouse (M. Nezveda)

Identify arousal and emotional states of observers and players.

A mouse with two elektrodes.

A mashup program for DJs, music mixing is controlled by gestures and the MS Kinect (W. Kumbeiz)

A simple game for catching balls with MS Kinect (W. Kumbeiz)

An online world for children to play with each other (J. Rummel)